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Medical college staff found dead under mysterious circumstances

 M Post Bureau |  2016-03-07 00:35:43.0  |  Kolkata

Medical college staff found dead under mysterious circumstances

Mystery shrouded the death of a group D staff of Murshidabad Medical College and Hospital whose body was found a high drain situated near the hospital on Sunday morning.

The incident spread tension in the area. Dipak Roy (32), the victim used to stay at the hospital quarter. But on Saturday night he did not return to the quarter. Some local people spotted the dead body in a nearby high drain at around 6.30 am and informed the matter to the police. The victim’s family members claimed that Dipak was murdered by some criminals and they later dumped the body in the drain situated close to the Murshidabad Medical College and Hospital.

According to the preliminary investigation, police suspect that the victim was returning to his quarter late on Saturday night in an inebriated state when he lost his control fell in the drain. As he was excessively drunk he could not pick himself up from the drain and died later.

Hospital staff members were shocked after they came to know that Dipak’s body was found in a high drain. The police are investigating into all possible angles into the death of the group D staff. They have started an investigation in this regard. The other fellow mates of the hospital quarter were also interrogated by the police. There was no injury marks on the outer portion of his body. His body was sent for the post-mortem examination.

Police also interrogated the victim’s family members in this regard only to confirm whether the victim had any past rivalry with anyone.

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