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Media shouldn’t desire to be sensational: PM

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said media should avoid the desire to be sensational and exercise restraint so that nothing that divides society and country is written, broadcast or telecast.

The media has a very important role to play in promoting greater communal harmony and inter-group and inter-community dialogue and its reporting and opinions should be 'fair, objective and balanced', Singh said.

'The desire to be sensational should be avoided even though it is very tempting sometimes. Restraint should be exercised so that nothing that divides our society and country is written, broadcast or telecast', he said, speaking in an event in Kochi.

Singh's advice to the media against sensationalism came while referring to the recent violence in Assam and its reverberations in other parts of the country which saw exodus of north-easterners back to their home states.

'Today our country is going through difficult times. The unfortunate incidents of the past few months have brought out worrying faultlines in our society', he said.     
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