Mean machines and adrenaline

Mean machines and adrenaline
They are speed lovers, they can take control of beasty mean machines and they can tame the RPM- they are super bikers of Delhi. Bike riding in the Capital has been a recreational as well as an   action adventurous sport for the riders and the super bike lovers alike.

But not many know that bike riding is much more it seems. Apart from a lot of fun and excitement involved, the group is registered under the trademark and patent law.

‘I started out in the year 1998 and since then our group GODS (group of Delhi superbikers) have around 70 riders across professions like ex-army officers, pilots and CA’s,’ said Dr Arun Thareja, Ideator, GODS.

The most popular destinations for riding are Greater Noida highway, Yamuna Expressway and GT Karnal highway. We start out at around 6 in the morning and are back by 10 am depending upon the weather and season too,’ said Binit Singh Walia, member, GODS who rides a Hayabusa.

‘Safety for the bike riders is the top most priority of our group and the sole factor which brings us every Sunday is the common passion and love we share for super bikes,’ Binit added. ‘I make sure that all riders have their safety gears on while riding and none of them are allowed without missing any accessories,’ Thareja added.

How does one become a part of GODS then? ‘Due to the occurrence of many crashes and mishap I am too careful about the selection of people in my group. There is a proper routine of an interview, a sample ride, the person should be 25 years and above and only 600 cc above bikes are allowed to participate. Its only after clearing these criteria the person is inducted,’ said Thareja.

The grill just does not end here. Even after the selection is made there is a strict protocol to be followed by the riders which includes- the pack has to follow the leader, the speed should not exceed beyond 100-150 kmph and no stunts are to be tried by any member while riding,’ said the 51 year old who rides a 1200 Ninja and 1700 Yamaha Cruiser. The bike rides which happen every Sunday are planned on a Saturday afternoon to evening. ‘The point of meeting, the route of travel, timings and the destination are all decided and then an intimation is send via sms to all the riders,’ Thareja pointed.

‘Bike riding is like an extreme passion I share with all the like minded people in my group and the only motivating factor which has bound us together since then is adrenaline rush,’ said Binit and Thareja in unison.
Anubha Singh

Anubha Singh

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