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Mayor inaugurates Garia Mahasmasan after facelift

 M Post Bureau |  2016-02-01 00:52:55.0  |  Kolkata

Mayor inaugurates Garia Mahasmasan after facelift

Mayor Sovan Chatterjee on Sunday inaugurated Garia Mahasmasan after its renovation.

The two old Shiva temples were also renovated. A new building has been constructed for the mourners. The crematorium campus has also been painted.

Chatterjee said the renovation work had been carried out as a part of the city’ beautification drive. He said the two temples were repaired as they were in a very bad shape.     

He said the Kolkata Municipal Corporation had taken an elaborate scheme to beautify the city. Plans have been made to install solar lights. Major roads in the city have been repaired. He said that KMC’s drives were inspired by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. After coming to power in 2011, she took personal interest to upgrade and improve the crematoriums and burial grounds. 

On the other hand, Keoratala burning ghat has also been renovated. The old wooden pyre has been replaced by a new one. The incinerator is fitted with a chimney so that the smoke, which it emits, is pollution free. The shelter for mourners has been repaired.

According to sources, Nimtala crematorium is undergoing thorough repair. The monument which was built in the area where Tagore wad cremated will be given a thorough new look. 

The Hindu burial ground has been renovated. Member mayor in council (health) Atin Ghosh and minister of housing Aroop Biswas were present at the meeting. 

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