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Maya is day-dreaming about becoming PM, say political leaders

Ruling Samajwadi Party, Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress on Monday ‘ridiculed’ the ambition of Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati to become prime minister and said ‘she was day-dreaming’ when made that statement.

‘Mayawati is day-dreaming about becoming prime minister of the country and it is ridiculous that she has made the statement in Nagpur from a replica of Red Fort,’ said Samajwadi Party spokesperson and jail minister Rajendra  Choudhury.

‘Her dream to become prime minister of the country will never be fulfilled and she will have to satisfy by addressing the public from the replica of Red Fort, as she did in Nagpur,’ he added.

Senior BJP leader Kalraj Mishra said everyone was entitled to aspire for the coveted post. ‘In case of Mayawati, it is natural for her to nurse such ambition since she has become chief minister of Uttar Pradesh for four times but her becoming PM seems to be a far fetched dream,’ Mishra said.

He said though leaders like Chandrashekhar, I K Gujral and V P Singh had become PM under various ‘political’ circumstances and it is very possible for any leader to reach there but for Mayawati she should understand her party’s strength. The BSP is present only in one state and it is no guarantee of her to reach that post with such political strength, Mishra said.

Senior Congress leader Pramod Tiwari, too, expressed apprehension, saying, ‘The people of the country will never vote for any regional party to enable its leader to become PM of the country as the past experience for them has been horrible.’

He said that the unity, integrity and development of the country would be at stake if regional parties come to power at the Centre.

However, BSP general Secretary and leader of the Opposition in the assembly Swami Prasad Maurya defended the statement of Mayawati saying that she had appealed to the party workers to work hard for the Lok Sabha elections so that she could become PM.  

‘The anti-dalit stand of the political parties is the only hurdle for the BSP in coming to power at the Centre,’ he stated.

During a public meeting at Nagpur on Sunday Mayawati voiced her prime ministerial ambition by asking party workers to ensure a big victory in the Lok Sabha polls so that she can deliver the Independence Day speech from the Red Fort.
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