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Matter Hungary

Matter Hungary
The Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre organised an International artworks exhibition Spirit and Matter- Three Artists- Three Generation by Ilona Lovas, Anna Makovecz and Villo Turcsány from Hungary, curated by Katalin Keserü organised by Anna Bagyó and Cocos Nuciferas by MD Deleep Franco Swiss from France-Switzerland.

The opened on January 27 at the lawns and gallery of the HICC, followed by a short performance by János Palojtay (piano) and Dávid Simon (flute).

The two exhibitions were inaugurated by Szilveszter Bus, Ambassador of Hungary, in the presence of François Richier, Ambassador of France. The exhibitions will be closed by the Dipali Khanna, Member Secretary, IGNCA, in the presence of curator, Katalin Keserü and artiste, Villo Turcsány from Hungary followed by Mohiniyattam performance by Hungarian dancer, Brigitta Hegedus at the HICC on February 26. The exhibition will be on view till February 28.

Spirit and Matter- Three Artists- Three Generation is an exhibition-cum-performance, curated by art historian, writer and curator Katalin Keserü, organised by art consultant Anna Bagyó, with the participation of three Hungarian woman artists: Ilona Lovas, Anna Makovecz and Villo Turcsány.

The three artises, representing three different generations, coexist well with each other. Their works examine the metamorphosis of matter, body and spirit. These evergreen topics of art are translated into the language of contemporary mediums and will be presented as installations, photos and videos.

Cocos Nuciferas features spiritual insights with various imageries of Coconut and Rangolis. The artworks by MD Deleep (a Franco-Swiss artist) are an attempt to translate and share spiritual and ethnic emotions, sensations through these intermediaries.

Thus, it is important that there exists barely any distance between the viewer and the work. With such participation, there is enough scope for the individuals to enter the specific work-scope and create new relationships between creation, creator and spectator.

The artiste’s aim is to work in interaction with the public, resulting in a timeless piece, which everyone can interpret in his/ her own way.
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