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Mathura Refinery, IndianOil sign environmental MoU

Mathura Refinery which is a unique confluence of nature and industry has set higher targets of effective environmental management. Out lining areas of priorities, Refinery Executive Director M K Padia signed a Memorandum of Understanding recently in Delhi with RajKumar Ghosh, Director[Refineries], IndianOil. With this, the Mathura Refinery which is best among the public sector oil refineries in terms of emission discharge will further improve as a part of its drive to maintain environmental management leadership.

At Mathura Refinery, technology & ecology go hand in hand with continuous endeavor for product quality up-gradation, energy conservation and environment protection. The refinery has set a benchmark for coexistence of nature with industry. It has successfully implemented new technologies but care for environment still remains a top priority. Special measures have been taken by Mathura Refinery for environment conservation right from the project stage. Refinery is located in sensitive Taj Trapezium Zone [TTZ] and therefore, utmost care is taken to control air pollution through various measures such as use of Natural Gas & low Sulphur liquid fuel in furnaces, desulphurization of refinery fuel gases prior to burning in furnaces, provision of Low NOx burners in new units to control emissions of Oxides of Nitrogen [NOx], installation of Sulphur recovery units with more than 99.5 per cent efficiency with TGTU while ensuring one unit as standby, flare gas recovery system to prevent loss of hydrocarbons.

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