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Maths mania

Maths mania
My son is in class VII and suffers from mathematics phobia. Please suggest.
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The problem your son is suffering from is very common among students. In our traditional mathematics classrooms, the subject poses a nightmare for students who have a slower grasping capacity. But mathematics can get really interesting with proper tutoring. What is fun is easy to learn. Online mathematics games, mental maths puzzles and introducing your son to the examples of day to day use of mathematics in the practical world can create a whole new excitement about the subject. Encourage him in spending more time with the subject and do not criticise wrong answers. Rather emphasise on the process of solving the maths problems. Changing his mindset towards mathematics no longer being a subject to be scared of and reassuring him that he too can be 'Good In Maths' can actually do wonders that might even surprise you. Good Luck !

My son is 19-years-old. He is 5'3" and suffers from inferiority complex.
Name unknown

Napoleon complex or the short man syndrome hits the hardest at the age that your son is in. One way to deal with the complex is to break it down. Please help him understand that everyone on earth is inferior to someone in some way and superior to someone in some other way.

Moreover, he will be really be surprised to know that the health benefits of being shorter weigh far more than its disadvantages. And as far as looks are concerned, there is much more to a man's attributes of being tall, that can actually make him look charming and coveted in today's world. Moreover, your son is only 19, so it can be possible to increase height up to the age of 21 years through healthy diet, regular exercise and swimming. All the very best.

I am newly married. My husband is always travelling. I feel very depressed. Suggest something.
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First of all, I congratulate both of you. I can understand how hard it can be for a newly married couple to stay away from each other. But in today's economy, sometimes traveling becomes a necessity to keep a job. So in order to cope with the Being Away From Each other Syndrome make it a point to stay connected to each other on phone and Internet. Reinforce your commitment and trustworthiness towards each other by staying connected.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. When he is not around, get in touch with his kins to know his secrets and favourites, and surprise your hubby by delivering surprises to his hotel room. Feel lucky that he is not stationed away from you or working for the military. Have some me time and spend your time in finishing all the boring work and save your best moments to enjoy when he returns. Best wishes for the love birds.

I love my husband but he is very unromantic.What do I do?
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During courtship period lovers put their best foot forward. But post few years of marriage, the partners usually start taking things for granted. That is where the problem creeps in. If you find your husband being unromantic, try ways to seduce him.

Go for candle lit dinners, movies or even indulge in a long vacation together to a romantic place where there is no external interference. Try to figure out what he expects from you. Sometimes women being very bossy in a marriage the husband usually shuns from being himself. I would suggest you to communicate with him clearly about your wants and walk towards an amicable solution. All the best!

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