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Massive trade deficit of US with India, China, Mexico: Trump

The US has a "massive" trade deficit with countries like India, China and Mexico, presumptive presidential nominee of Republican party Donald Trump today said, alleging that practically every country in the world who do business with the US tries to "rip it off".

"People are tired. They want to have strength. They don't want to have trade deals where China has got a trade deficit of USD 505 billion a year; where we have trade deficits, massive trade deficits with Mexico, with Japan, with Vietnam, with India, with everybody, folks, with everybody," Trump told a crowded election rally in Atlanta, Georgia.

"I mean, practically every country in the world when they do business with the US, it's called let's rip them off. It's like we're all the big, bad dummies. Those days are over if I win. Those days are over. They're over," Trump said.

The Republican presidential nominee continued with his campaign against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

"If you look at what Hillary Clinton has done with women, No 1 from certain countries, her foundation has taken millions, tens of millions of dollars, from countries that want to enslave women," he alleged.

"As far as the gay community, they kill gays. And she's taking money in. And now, she wants to allow them to come into our country, pretty much un-vetted, because every law enforcement person that I've spoken to and that you watch and that you read is saying it's very hard, if not impossible, to check out people. There's just no papers," he said.

The migration, he said, is a horrible thing to watch.

"I have a heart as big as anybody else. We have to build safe zones over there. And we have to take care of people.

Let's build safe zones, but bill them over there. Build them in Syria. Build them in places over there," he said.

Trump reiterated his call for temporary ban on the entry of Muslims into the US.

"We have to stop, on a temporary basis at least, but we have to stop people from pouring into our country. We have to stop it until we find out what the hell is going on. And we can do that, but we have to have people come in that cherish us, that love us, that want to love us, that want to do things, that don't want to destroy us, that don't want to go to a club where you have innocent people and where you had no guns on the other side," he said.
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