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Marvel turns Donald Trump into a supervillain!

Marvel debuted the villainous version of Trump in “Spider-Gwen Annual 1”.The Marvel villain MODOK or ‘Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing’ a giant head with arms, legs and a thirst for destruction was reimagined in the Spider-Man universe as the real estate tycoon, an American daily reported.

In his inaugural panel, MODOK also known as MODAAK or ‘Mental Organism Designed as America’s King’, the “amorphous, villainous” Trump-faced antagonist says - “If America will not act, M.O.D.A.A.K must!” the report said.

The storyline involves Captain America going up against various redesigned villains, including MODOK and a version of Baron Blood who strongly resembles the late pop star Prince. The action takes place in an alternate Spider-Man universe where Gwen Stacey girlfriend of Peter Parker, the first and most well-known Spider-Man was bitten by a radioactive spider instead and thus gained its powers.

This is not the first time the comic book industry has appropriated 70-year-old Trump’s image. At New York Comic Con in October, artists in attendance were asked to name their favorite supervillain and then draw him or her as Trump. 

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