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Market economy will benefit Gujarat but harm Assam: Gogoi

Assam Chief minister Tarun Gogoi on Sunday rued that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s stress on shifting from plan to market economy will benefit big industrial states like Gujarat but harm small and backward states like Assam.

At a meeting of NITI Aayog, the new institution which has replaced the Planning Commission, he said in such a situation, unemployment problems will grow manifold in states like Assam.

On the Prime Minister’s stress on shifting from plan to market economy, he said, “Thereby actually we will go away from the Preamble of democratic socialism. This will benefit the industrially developed states like Maharastra and Gujarat.” 

Gogoi said it is imperative that the relatively backward states should be first brought up to match the level of the comparatively developed states.

“I also strongly feel that our development agenda should include all communities, giving special thrust and emphasis on those which require special focus and attention,” he said.

The Chief minister said since the NITI Aayog has come into existence in place of Planning Commission, it should be used in the best interests of the country to bring about a balanced development ensuring that various stakeholders benefit from its knowledge, resources, expertise and advice.

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