Marching ahead to eminence

Marching ahead to eminence
SRM University aims to emerge as a leading world-class institution that creates and disseminates knowledge, upholding the highest standards of instruction in Medicine & Health Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Management, Science & Humanities. The Vice-Chancellor, Dr S Rajarajan shares the curriculum with Puja Banerjee which imparts integrity and social sensitivity 

SRM has set examples of fair play and stands out in this system with values and principles. How do you continue to do that?
My appreciation for complementing our group of Institutions for its fairplay and established values and principles, under the guidance of Founder Chancellor Dr TR Parivendhar and Chancellor Ravi Pachamoothoo. Fairplay is compliance to rules of the game, so SRM University, Delhi NCR, Sonepat has not only inherited this but also has tried to set a role model in North India with its dynamic curriculum and outstanding committed academic and support staff endeavours to inspire students to develop the skills and attitudes that will lead to their breakthrough success. Nothing will be equivalent for providing quality Education and Research if management and Institutional head together focus on it. World class infrastructure is preparing the students which is equipped with updated knowledge of their area of pursuit and is providing over all development in making them all rounders. 

Amidst the traditional education system, what new modes of teaching are you coming up with?
With appropriate skills to compete, the University offers an excellent academic environment to pursue a degree and is very strongly research and practical-oriented. Smart classrooms is the latest mode of teaching which the university has to offer with equipments like LCD, interactive white board supported with internet. The classrooms at our University are not only of smart classes but the students have been provided with e-learning through Tabs. The professors interact and provide additional informations through ‘clouds’ and can also conduct internal examination. The students are also provided with the teaching presentation atleast one day ahead to make the classes more interactive. 

Your university has exchange programmes with other foreign universities. Do you think international tie-ups are effective? 
Our university has the pride of signing MOU on cooperation exchange programme with the world’s top ranked universities like London university (UK), Pennesylvania university (USA), Chiba university (Japan), Loma Linda university (California) to name a few. The tie-ups are effective as it raises the position of the university in the global ranking. Also it helps to enhance the university’s standards in infrastructure, quality of teachers and students. International tie-ups are beneficial because it helps absorbing the finest culture. 

The benefit is immense in the research area because the strong alliance of universities help in achieving a common goal faster. Since the last 20 years, SRM has been connected with people all over the world. Our University has brought together creativity and innovation in global partnership. We understand the power of international collaboration to achieve success in a wider perspective.

Various universities have infrastructural issues, how is your University different in this scenario?
Minimal infrastructure for each faculty is prescribed by the regulatory bodies to ensure the educational standard. Our University is born with a mission of becoming a world class university. The campus is spread over 47.68 acres of lush green lawns located at Sonepat Delhi-NCR, Haryana with many topographical features all around. The location of the campus is apt and provides beautiful environment for innovation and creativity. The aroma of learning can be felt all over the campus. Students and teachers share an abyss of knowledge that makes the zone of compatibility and comfort. The Library, knowledge “restaurant” of SRM University provides comprehensive access to books, journals, reports, surveys covering diverse disciplines. The clear focus is clubbed with the rich legacy which drives us to build every infrastructure to meet the world standard. 

What are other programmes or facilities provided to students for holistic growth?
Human beings are precious embodiments where the holistic growth of him/her covers the mind, physical body and fitness for the profession of his or her choice. Career development programme ensures their fitness to the profession of their choice. We provide choices and avenues for upliftment through learning of additional language, additional areas like environmental laws, Human Psychology and General Studies through choice based credit system. A university provides a platform for multidisciplinary learning. Hence I urge the students to try to get a cutting edge over others. SRM university ensures to provide everything.  


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