Maoist leader Gaur Chakrabarty walks free

Maoist leader Gaur Chakrabarty has been released from his imprisonment. The veteran Maoist spokesperson, Chakrabarty was released by City Sessions Court on Tuesday after imprisonment of seven long years. The judge of the court, Kumkum Singh acquitted him of all the charges as the investigating agency could not provide proper evidences.

Chakraborty who was in jail since June 23, 2009, was instrumental in the Lalgarh movement and played an essential role in motivating urban support bases in favour of the tribal surge in Jangalmahal.

Police had arrested him from the studio of a private television channel in Park Street while coming out from an interview session.

Chakrabarty was the first Maoist leader who was booked under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) and confined in Presidency jail.

Chakrabarty, resident of Nadia district, received a cardiac arrest in the jail and was admitted to the hospital. He was also the first official spokeperson of CPI (Maoist), who openly discussed matters with the media.

“All the allegations levelled against him were proved false and Judge set him free,” said Subhasis Roy, the Maoist leader’s lawyer at the court.

The veteran leader has been active member of CPI (Maoist) since his youth. His family and right-activists, however, have complained with jail authority about his ailment for past few years. They had complained against jail authority too about their negligence to take care of such an aged inmate.

After having a sudden heart attack in his jail cell, Chakrabarty had fallen in the floor and the other inmates took him to the authority office to send him in hospital. He was immediately taken to the jail hospital where the physicians detected a severe cardiac arrest and he was transferred to the Bangur Institute of Neurology.

He was charged with several offences including under Section 20 of the UAPA act, which gives punishment for being the member of any terrorist group.


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