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Many cases of hooliganism registered on Kali Puja immersions

The revellers were rampant across the city during the Kali Puja immersion on Tuesday night as the city police recorded many cases which were registered in the police stations.

From Eastern Metropolitan Bypaas, Gariahat to Tollygunge – the revellers were unbridled with the scenario same everywhere. Some runaway criminals were also seen among the revellers, police received complaint.

In an incident on Tuesday, two women and their male counterparts were waiting at E M Bypass for buses to return home. Some revellers from the lorry of an immersion procession had thrown chocolate bombs at those women.

Those youth even attacked them when they protested. They stopped the lorry beside the road and descended there. They allegedly assaulted those women and their friends in front of some police officers.

In another incident, the residents of two localities were involved in a tiff while two Kali idols were going for immersion at Gariahat’s Kakulia Road. Six including three children were injured in the incident on Tuesday night. The injured were taken to a local hospital. On the same day, the revellers targeted a woman who was passing by and hurled chocolate bombs at her feet. The woman was seriously injured and was taken to the hospital.

Some other miscreants, who were part of a Kali Puja immersion procession, attacked a local club at Beleghata’s Sarkar Bazar and assaulted some of the club members. The procession was passing through the Sarkar Bazar area when suddenly some of the revellers started hurling crackers at the club members, injuring two of them.

Police learnt that the dispute started over the collection of Puja subscription. When the club members protested, they allegedly assaulted them. “When we opposed the hurling of crackers at us, the youth immediately came and attacked us. They punched our club member’s nose and made it bleed profusely,” alleged a club member.
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