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Man who killed Odisha jeweller held again for shooting another

Motorbike borne miscreants shot a jewellery shop owner from a point black range on Monday night at Kharagpur. Later, police arrested a person from Kolaghat on connection with the case. Police said Krishna Rao (45) the jewellery shop owner was shot in front of his shop. After initiating the investigation, police arrested the person in the connection of the shoot-out from Kolaghat, early on Tuesday.

Police said that the jewellery shop owner was shot from a point blank range and the assailant snatched his bag containing gold bars. The victim was admitted in local hospital with critical injuries.

Shekh Ashraf (29), the person, who was arrested, allegedly shot the jewellery shop owner dead, before snatching his bag. “Ashraf is a local driver. He was trying to leave the state as soon as possible,” said an investigator.

Police also said that Ashraf earlier shot a jewellery shop owner who was the resident of Odisha. He shot him at National Highway 6. The businessman, Biswajit Palman, was resident of Odisha’s Cuttack. He was a jewellery shop owner who came to Kolkata to buy gold jewelleries.

Palman took the car from Kolaghat. The driver, Arhraf, took him to a different direction and demanded him to surrender the gold. But the trader tried to escape from there with his valuables. Ashraf then shot him to death there. However, the police informed the development of the case to Palman’s residence at Cuttack.

“We guess Ashraf is the member of a gang. He is not the kingpin. The main gang members are residing in Odisha. We will discuss the matter with Odisha police,” an investigating officer said.
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