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Man smothers wife to death in front of 7-year-old son

Rehana Biwi, a 40-year-old Malda resident was smothered to death, after a confrontation with her husband on Tuesday night. The accused husband has gone at large. The 7-year-old son of Rehana, who was the only eye witness of the incident, described the whole incident to the police. The investigators are in search of the killer.

Local police believe that domestic violence might be the reason behind this murder. Rehana, the mother of three children, was involved in an altercation with her husband Rafikul Islam.

Suddenly Rafikul pounced on her and smothered her with a pillow in front of their child. Little Shahin was watching the incident from a close proximity. He screamed but that did not stop his father.

The cops took the details of the incident from Shahin and lodged a case. “The man might have gone to the neighbouring district. A police team has gone to bring him into custody,” said a senior police officer.

According to Shahin’s version, his father wanted her mother to bring money from her home. He wanted some gold ornaments from her but his mother was defiant and refused to part ways with the money and ornaments.

“Rafikul stated beating his wife with a rod who started crying with pain. Rafikul then smothered her with a pillow. Soon, her inert body was lying on the bed. The man then decamped from the spot,” said the officer.

Ten years back, Rafikul married Rehana Biwi and they started a happy family life. But later Rafikul started some illegal business in Malda. He was arrested by the Malda police earlier as well.

“Rafikul was a small time shop keeper but later turned into a seller of adulterated fuel or kata tel for auto or trekkers. He made money in this trade, but was arrested on the charges of selling adulterated fuel,” said a police officer.

“Rafikul is a dangerous fellow. He could kill his children too. But he had escaped from the spot without harming those children. The children were sent to a destitute home. They were scared but they will give deposition before the court,” said the police officer.
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