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Man quits job over son’s ‘inappropriate’ haircut in UK

A 37-year-old man in the UK had to quit his job to look after his son who was sent home over a new haircut which the school said was “inappropriate” and could “distract other children”.

Craig Emmanuel, sent his son, Mackenzie, 7, to St Mary’s CofE Primary School in Willesden, north west London, with a haircut. He claims that the school called him and his wife, Louise, and told them it was “inappropriate” and could “distract other children” so they wanted him to be sent home, the 

They said they were told that he could only go back into the classroom once Mackenzie’s hair had grown back to a more appropriate length. However, the school says that Mackenzie has not been suspended and they are working with the parents to come up with a solution. As a result, Emmanuel said that he has handed in his notice at Japanese stationary firm, Muji, where he had worked for just five days in the warehouse, so that he can look after Mackenzie. 

The dad-of-four said, “Obviously it is not right. I had to send a letter of resignation because I hadn’t earned any holiday and I didn’t want to ask my new colleagues to swap shifts with me because I’d only just started and didn’t know them. It was a temporary position and I was contracted to work until December 31. I thought it was best for the company for them to go and hire someone else. My boss said he was disappointed,” he said.

Emmanuel said he will have to find a new job in January and the money he had earned was going to pay for Christmas.

Louise said that Mackenzie had got the haircut to stand out to an Arsenal talent scout who was visiting his youth football team. 

“Mackenzie plays football for the London Athletic under sevens A squad. He’s getting there with his football and he would love to play for a team like Arsenal. There was an Arsenal scout who was going to be attending on Monday so we wanted him to stand out so he might get noticed by the scout,” she said. 
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