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Man held for trafficking, 14 girls rescued

A man accused of trafficking minor girls have been arrested by the crime branch of Delhi police. He had been in hiding and operating from West Bengal. Fourteen minor girls were rescued following the arrest.
Laxman, the owner of LG Placement Services in Chirag Delhi and his lady associate had been arrested of trafficking and placing minor girls as domestic servants in Delhi and NCR. During the course of investigation, it was found that another person, Raju, is the main trafficker.

Raju would bring minor girls and place them as domestic helps in Delhi and NCR. He would exploit these girls and their parents financially as the money taken as advance for placing the girls in jobs was never paid to the girls or their parents.

On the basis of information received about the presence of the accused in his native place in West Bengal, a raiding team was formed and was sent to West Bengal.
During the raid, one person was seen running away on seeing the police team. After running about 5 hundred meters, he climbed on top of a wall and started throwing wood and other objects at the members of the police team. He further started pelting stones at the police personnel, but was cornered after about half a kilometer of chase and was overpowered after a minor scuffle. During interrogation, he initially denied his involvement and did not disclose the name of the girls,  but confessed after sustained interrogation.

'This is one of the largest rescue mission of girls by the crime branch of Delhi police spanning over four months. All the 14 rescued girls have been safely escorted back to their homes,' said a police official. Raju, 30, used to run the operation in trafficking minor girls with thehelp of his mother Jahanara Bibi, his sister Shehnara and L.G. Placement Services owner Laxman. Before him, his mother used to run the racket of enticing minor girls and placing them in Delhi NCR. She had been arrested in the same case, but is out on bail. His sister is absconding.

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