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Man crushed by elephant in Garbeta

A 45-year-old man was killed after he was crushed by an elephant. The incident spread tension at Garbeta in West Midnapore on Thursday morning.

Police said that Monmath Koley was going to his workplace on his bicycle when a herd of elephant suddenly attacked him. Police said that the victim could not flee as one of the elephants suddenly came close and attacked him. Koley fell on the ground after being pushed by the tusker.

Within a moment, the elephant picked up the victim with its trunk and took him to the adjacent jungle. After seeing the incident, the local residents tried to drive the elephant away but to no avail. The villagers also entered into the forest to rescue the victim. When they entered into the forest area they found that the victim was lying dead on the ground as the elephant has smashed him under its foot.

The local people alleged that the forest department did not take any initiatives to catch the elephants and as a result of this, these incidents take place.

They alleged that the elephants often roam free in the village but the forest department officials do not taken any step to drive the elephants away. As a result of this, the villagers often fall victims of elephant attacks.

In another incident, a wild tusker carried out destructions at Malbazar on Thursday by destroying many huts. The local residents got panicked after the tusker entered the locality and started running from one place to the other.

Local people said that many huts were completely damaged in the elephant attack. However, no one was injured in the incident. After being informed, the forest department officials rushed to the spot and drove the elephant into the forest. The forest department officials said that the elephant came from Gajoldoba.
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