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Mamata pushes for formation of federal political front

Weeks after parting ways with the United Progressive Alliance (UPA), the Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee pushed for formation of a front of regional parties on Wednesday, saying that the country should be 'run from [its] different parts'.

She contended that the Manmohan Singh dispensation had lost 'moral right and democratic right' to rule and added that political parties should decide on bringing down the 'very arrogant' government. 'This government never consulted any matter with any alliance partner. Whatever they do they do it quietly. This may be a stable government in the eye of the Congress, but it's not a safe and sound government,' Banerjee told a TV channel on Wednesday.

On bringing down the UPA dispensation, she replied, 'This government is very arrogant. I think all the political parties should decide. In Parliament it depends on numbers.' When asked about the possibility of the formation of a regional federal front, she said, 'I will be happy to do it.'

She said, 'If the regional chief ministers can sit together for the future of the country, I will be very happy. That's the best for the country. India should be run from different parts of the country.... We have already decided on a federal front. I think states should be more powerful.'

Attacking the UPA government, she said, 'It's stable [because] of the corruption, by the corruption and for the corruption. It's not stable from the point of view of the public.'

Justifying withdrawal of her party's support from the UPA, she said, 'We never said anything because after the Lok Sabha election we had promised that we would continue for five years. We tried our best. But, it was disastrous. I can't keep quiet all the time.'

Banerjee accused Congress of 'using money power, muscle power and mafia power' to keep parties with it. 'In a democratic country like ours why should I be afraid of the CBI or the central government misusing its power if I take a decision? The centre must not behave like this, and the state parties have to be very careful,' the West Bengal chief minister said.
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