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Mamata alleges water given to Bangladesh clandestinely

Mamata alleges water given to Bangladesh clandestinely
‘Why was Farakka sluice gates broken and Bhagirathi river water given away? Teesta river has also dried up,’ the Trinamool Congress supremo questioned at a workers’ meeting here in Murshidabad district where all the three Lok Sabha seats were won by Congress in the 2009 polls in alliance with TMC.

‘One day we got information that Farakka’s gates have broken and using that alibi, water was given away for three months without informing us,’ Banerjee alleged.

‘In a planned way, Teesta water was also released keeping us in the dark. We had said that through negotiation, West Bengal will do as much as it can, but without telling us, water was given away depriving the people of Jalpaiguri and Siliguri of irrigation and drinking water,’ Banerjee said.
‘I had learnt about it late as I had given the irrigation department to the Congress. It is my misfortune.’

Clarifying that she had nothing against Bangladesh, the chief minister said, ‘We love Bangladesh. So many people from the other side have come and reside here. ‘I am not against them. I am talking about the Centre’s role,’ Banerjee said.

‘I have no objection if water is released through agreement and with the state’s consent,’ she said.
‘Due to the clandestine release of water from Farakka, the river on this side went dry affecting industries, irrigation and drinking water supply,’ she said. ‘But did the Congress leaders ponder on this or did they protest against it,’ she asked.
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