Malfunctioning of AC in Metro causes panic

Panic was created among the passengers travelling in an AC metro rake, after the air conditioning had stopped functioning properly due to a technical glitch on Tuesday morning when the train was on its way to reach the New Garia station.

Many of the passengers travelling in the AC rake fell ill when the air conditioning stopped functioning. 
The incident triggered panic among the commuters and led to a commotion. 

The passengers complained that they were feeling suffocated after the AC started malfunctioning. 
Hearing the passengers scream the driver had to stop the train and the passengers were asked to move out of the train.

A majority of the passengers got down following the incident. Some of the passengers travelling in the train said that at 9.47 am, when the train was going towards New Garia station, they felt suffocated due to a malfunctioning of the AC. 

The commuters alleged that the AC was not functioning properly for some time, as a result of which it had become impossible for the passengers to stay inside the rake inside the suffocating atmosphere.
Following the incident, metro rail officials and engineers rushed to the spot and inspected the AC machine. 

The incident, though, had hardly any impact on the metro services, as train schedules remained unchanged and everything functioned quite normally. According to Metro railway authorities, a Kavi Subhas station bound AC rake developed a technical snag on Tuesday morning, causing inconvenience to several passengers.

The passengers were asked to move out soon after they raised an alarm. Senior officials inspected the AC rake and were looking into how the rake developed the technical glitch. Metro officials said that it was a small incident and it did not affect the metro services. 

They also stated that some passengers went into panic as one of the air conditioners inside the metro rake was not working properly for sometime, which gave the feeling of suffocation to some passengers.


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