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Maldives unmoved by GMR’s clean chit from anti-graft body

Taken aback by the country’s Anti-Corruption Commission’s (ACC) ruling out any corruption in the leasing of the international airport to GMR, the Maldivian government on Tuesday stuck to its stand saying the contract was illegal and
hinted it will be challenged in the court.

‘The report does not change the government stand that the contract given by former President Mohamed Nasheed was illegal. The contract was not terminated on the ground that there was corruption but because it was done against the law of the land,’ Maldives President’s Office Spokesperson Masood Imad said.

Hinting that the report is likely to be challenged, Imad said, ‘We have to go through the report completely. There was an issue of $100 million cash advance of which $78 million was given.’

‘If the Anti-Corruption Commission has not gone into it or into other details and if there is a reasonable cause of doubt, this report can be contested by someparties,’ the Maldives President’s Office spokesperson added.
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