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Malda farmer shot dead in his sleep

A farmer was shot dead inside his house at Baishnabnagar in Malda on Monday morning.

Police said the victim Mahibur Sheikh (43) owned a valuable piece of land and investigating officers suspect that the accused had intentions to grab the land, which possibly led to his murder.

A police officer said that the victim used to sleep alone in a room in his house. The culprit and the victim were likely acquainted and he knew well about the premises. The culprit knew that a portion of the window of the room was broken and it seems that he opened fire from the opening in the window.

The victim’s sister, who was in the adjacent room, heard the sound of firing and rushed out of her room. She went to the Mahibur’s room and found him lying in a pool of blood. She informed the victim’s son and soon local people gathered hearing their cry for help and the police also informed.

Police went to the spot and sent the body for an autopsy. It is to be noted that police found two bullet wounds on the victim’s head, but no empty cartridges were found at the spot.

Police said that the victim and his wife had separated around 14 years ago and she resides with her parents in the adjacent village.

Sources said that the police have already questioned his daughter and son to know whether he had any rivalry with someone or had assured to sell out his land to any person.

His family members, however, could not give any relevant clues to the police.

Investigating officers will also question some local people suspecting that someone from the area 
could be involved in the murder, as it would not have been possible for the accused to flee before anyone could have assessed what went wrong.
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