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Malala shows the way for Pakistan

She is, undoubtedly, the most famous Pakistani woman today, even outshining the global fandom of the late Benazir Bhutto, although, Malala Yousufzai, is barely 16 years of age. She is a true icon of our times, a glimpse of hope and a silver lining in the dark clouds hovering on the horizon that is Pakistani politics, both domestic and diplomatic. Shot in the head by Taliban for being an unafraid crusader for women’s rights and education, Malala’s story of survival and fight against extremism should put to shame not just the fundamentalists ruining the country with their obsession with outrageous fusion of religious fanaticism and terrorism, but also, the so-called NATO interventionists, whose ‘humanitarian ground’ has been razed by the shining, solitary fortitude displayed by one unimaginably brave girl. As the world celebrated the first Malala Day on 12 July, the beautiful Malala, having recovered from her grievous injuries, addressed the UN and stunned all with her mature stance on education. Truly, for Pakistan there’s a leader in the making.   
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