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Making PEACE, posting ONLINE

Making PEACE, posting ONLINE
X, an online community of Creative Individuals is organising a one-week long online art exhibition. The theme of the exhibition is Friendship, focusing on cultivating warm ties that strengthen our common humanity and promote the well-being of the human family. This exhibition revolving around International Friendship day, would be live from1 August to 8 August. 

We have heard many instances of war and blood like Israel- Palestine, Russia-Ukraine, India-Pakistan. On this International Day of Friendship, let us encourage humanity and friendship and spread happiness all over the human folks in the form of art. Touchtalent strengthens the imaginative tradition of bringing people together through creativity with an inspired exhibition on friendship. This exhibition is beyond the barriers of social status, culture, religion and race. 

Art is not something what you see, but what you make others see, Touchtalent is working on this path only through the medium of art by making others see, peace and art deprived under the blanket of war all over the nation. It is an ingenious way of saying ‘Make friends, Not War.’ They are looking for entries that can celebrate the power of camaraderie within nations and human race.

Touchtalent connect creative users in over 192 countries. It has thus far organised more than ten global online art exhibitions with each generating around a million page views. This exhibition is expected to touch number of page views with peace not war. 

Ankit Prasad, CEO said, ‘This is a grand opportunity for creative users to be part of friendship and peace exhibition. Artistes can upload their innovative work on with #Friendship before 3 August. Through this exhibition we want to celebrate International day of Friendship in harmony.’ is a community of creativity individuals who create original and imaginative content. It puts the hands together for the originality of individuals at a global level. With half a million monthly visits on web and equal number of downloads on Android, has stretched its vision of understanding and monetizing creativity at the global level. Everyday users from more than 100 countries visit Touchtalent to pitch their creative content in four diverse formats (visual, textual audio and video) under an assortment of categories (photography, painting, sketching, sculpting etc.)
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