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Making a headway

Making a headway
Jeet Hakam was first seen representing India in Zee Tv’s World Antakhshari Competition. We had a candid conversation with him to know more.

Who inspired you to sing, when did you start?
I belong to a musical family and I grew up listening to the likes of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Mohd.Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Lata ji and Asha ji. I started singing even before I could properly talk. As a kid, I was constantly asked by the teachers to entertain the class by singing. Pretty soon I became a favourite at the school musical nights.

What is the inspiration behind your first single?

When me as the lyricist got in the studio to work on this track, I wanted to talk about today’s club going society while weaving in a nice message in there so you can hear sarcasm and humour in this particular track.

What kind of response have you received after the release of your single?
I got amazing response! The track topped to number 2 on the Youtube India’s Most Trending tracks and number 6 on Youtube India’s Top Tracks, so am very happy with the way people have received it.

What are your expectations from the listeners?
I want my music to somehow add some value to the listener’s life. I would love to see them enjoy every word and note on the track.

What are you planning next?

I got a new single coming up by the end of November, so been in the recording studios most of this month. I am planning a grand video for the same, which we are going to start shooting next week. Also doing a track for an upcoming Bollywood movie releasing in 2014.
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