Makeover mission India

Makeover mission India
Meet Trinny and Susannah, anchors for TLC's latest show Trinny & Susannah Makeover Mission India, which will be on air from 12 October. They have taken it upon themselves to change how we dress and the duo were in the Capital recently to launch their show. Millennium Post caught up with them to get some style lowdown beforehand. 

How did you guys start on this passion of styling?
I think, you know, we are invited to be part of the show in different country but Susannah hasn't been to India when we were asked if we will come, we both thought, it would be one for sure, because it would be a great place to visit for counseling. So, that was you know, the reason why we, decide to say yes to India. Then we choose TLC, it's the best and also very much targeted at the right target audience, fashionable and adventurous. 

How difficult is it to style or re-do someone's wardrobe?
It is difficult, but not impossible. I think Indian women’s styling is conservative. Many women who feel slightly overweight are told so by their husbands or relatives and don’t want to experiment much.  We talk about their shape and how they can hide the areas. So, it's not body– it's just clothes which can make you look good irrespective of your body type. So there was one girl in the show said - I don't really want to wear things like flat jeans, because my husband says it doesn’t suit my body and make me look bigger. But we think women get to standout for herself not for others.

What do you think is the biggest problem with people when it comes to personal style? 
We think it's conservative. In different towns, it could be quite dark. Like in Delhi, it could be quite dark because you have more of winter here than in Mumbai and because we love colours and it is sad that they aren't translated here; men seem to love this colour mustard. This colour and we think it's the worst colour for men. So if we came over to do a show next time, we might bring things from England because we feel that it's so boring here, the choice. But yeah, they are conservative, they wear quite dark colours if they are in corporates and they don't like to show any cleavage really because there is a sort of stigma attached to it and we think it could loosen up a bit, we are in the modern world. And not be threatened or frightened that it will translate the wrong message, we are not saying that you should wear an incredibly short skirt and low revealing top but you could.  You know women can push it a bit more in India and men need to realise it doesn't mean it's an invitation; it's just to be proud of your body. So, it's just clothes. I think everyone is rigid about fashion – when I think about being different, I think women can standout a little bit in the system from others.

Can you give us some quick fix solutions for anyone who wants to re-style himself/herself?
For Women it’s about being into the job and not dressing like everybody else. For men, I think the Indian men are very neat. Sometimes they look unsexy. They can wear more colour, be a bit cooler and not like their fathers.

How much of our attitude dictates what we wear? Do you think people tend to follow fashion blindly rather than consider what might go with their personalities?
I think if you dress on your emotions, it will make you feel better, so if you wake up in the morning, you are feeling vulnerable, I guess it has to be other one, it can really help you make it better and everything goes right, and you might start a day looking feeling good and the day will be amazing. Colors - you got to go into perfect proportion like in the short neck, even use that full neck. The perfect white shirt with the perfect shaped color and the right cleavage.

Tell us a bit about Trinny and Susannah’s Makeover Mission India
We did really want to come you know, we have been doing this for so many years and it’s fantastic for us to have the possibility to work with traditional dresses and to learn. It’s so great to continue learning.We think Bombay, it's sort of like New York and Delhi is like Paris. 
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