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Make way for Delhi’s Earlymen

Make way for Delhi’s Earlymen
The music scene in Delhi is literally bursting at the seams. Joining the bandwagon is The Urban Earlymen, made up of a group of college students from the city. Formed in the summers of 2011, the current line-up includes Adityan Nair (vocals), Mridul Luthra (lead guitarist), Siby Mathew (guitarist), Roshan Roy (bass guitarist) and Rohan Arora (on drums).

The band, which plays psychedelic music, will be performing in the city on Thursday night. Millennium Post caught up with Mridul Luthra, a third-year BBA student, to find out more. Excerpts:

What makes your band the alternative/psychedelic rock band?

We are inspired by the psychedelic music that developed in the 60s. This was the most adventurous phase for the music industry. We do not like commercial music. Neither do we like the cliché that rock music has become. We have not limited ourselves to one genre, that is why we are an ‘alternative’ rock band. We experiment with tunes.

How much of the name defines you?

We started under the name Chawla Band which was a temporary fun name which we chose just like that. It was more of a private joke among us. Then when we actually thought of putting out a name which defines us, we could not have come up with anything better than The Urban Earlymen. It is basically a metaphor. Urban stands for our belonging to the present generation and our use of  the modern equipment. Early men signifies our love of the 60s psychedelic music.

What is the band performing?

We are actually doing an opening act which will be followed by a performance by The Sky Rabbit. Our gig would last around one hour. We would be playing four covers and five originals comprising some new songs. We are doing a gig after two months, so it’s actually quite thrilling.

How has this growing popularity influenced the band?

Some of us are still studying so the ‘popularity’ has not been an issue with us. We are not running around to make money or get fame. We are here to create a genre of our own.

There was a drift after the first gig. Has it been difficult to manage creative differences among members?

The creative difference was in the beginning with the bassist Abhijeet Saniyal who left and was replaced by Roshan Roy. It was nothing major. Also, these differences are sometimes important to inculcate variety into the music. We are doing well as we are all friends since ages. The band is moving forward. We are recording new original compositions and an album which would have compilation of our original numbers.


At: Hard Rock cafe, DLF Place, Saket
When: 12 July, 9 pm onwards
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