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Major lifestyle ailments on the rise in Capital, warn doctors

Major lifestyle ailments on the rise in Capital, warn doctors
Delhiites have found themselves in the grip of major lifestyle ailments like high blood pressure, diabetes, cervical spondylosis which are getting worse by the day and causing more damage to patients by developing into harmful and even life-threatening diseases.

 Based on the study by Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), nearly 25 per cent of the people of Delhi are affected by diabetes while 47.6 per cent are pre-diabetic.  

At present, based on the report by the ministry of Health and Family Welfare, there are 6.68 crore diabetic patients in India, with the number likely to increase to 10.9 crores by 2035. Anticipating such a massive increase, AIIMS has assigned building of a new diabetology centre.

Unfortunately, diabetes is not the only disease on the rise in the city. At the “Swasthya Chetna Abhiyan,” the free health screening camp organised by ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Dr Puneet Chamoli of Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) hospital revealed that nearly 40 per cent of the patients who have been screened are found to have high blood pressure limits.
“Normally, the blood pressure in ‘systolic’ and ‘diastolic’ limits should range between 120/80 to 140/90 respectively. However, the average reading we have obtained from patients is 150/100 which is extremely high,” said Dr Chamoli.

He also adds that the disease  of cervical spondylosis or neck arthritis have also been observed less among geriatric or old patients but more among young and middle-aged people. Long sitting hours and unfavourable physical movements are the reasons for this phenomenon,” said Dr Chamoli.

Speaking of blood sugar levels, Dr Apoorva of Lady Hardinge said:  “Often panic is witnessed among patients only when they are found to be diabetic. However, the situation of pre-diabetes should also be taken very seriously.” 

In explaining the blood sugar level maintenance, Dr Apoorva said: “Having blood sugar levels in the range of 140-200 mg/dl is considered the pre-diabetic stage and 200mg/dl or beyond is considered diabetic.” 

In combating the increasing trend of lifestyle diseases, doctors advise that a proper body to mass index must be maintained in which a proper diet, regular and right physical movements, meditation and yoga must be made top priority.

Speaking of the diet, doctors also suggest people to incorporate vegetables, fruits, buttermilk, low fat yogurt in plenty while ghee, paneer,  rajma, channa, maida, potatoes, chicken, eggs must be consumed in moderate quantities. 

Food items like sweets, alcohol, red meat, noodles and other gravy foods must be consumed occasionally.

“Awareness, discipline and love for one’s body is the key but unfortunately in this fast-paced life, we are trying to give priorities to various other things other than ourselves,” said Dr Piyush Ranjhan of AIIMS.

The main symptoms for Diabetes type 2 are frequent urination, usually in the night, feeling of excessive thirst and hunger, loss of body weight and fatigue. In case of high blood pressure, the patient feels constant headaches, chest pain, irregular heartbeats, puffy eyes, irregular sleeping habits, dizziness and breathlessness. 

Doctors also advise that most of these symptoms are not continuous in nature. However, even if felt occasionally it must be taken seriously. 
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