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Mahesh Bhatt turns creative producer for Indo-Tibetan movie

Mahesh Bhatt turns creative  producer for Indo-Tibetan movie
Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt has come on board as the creative producer for Danish Iqbal-directed love story between an Indian boy and a Tibetan girl. Iqbal, who recently helmed stage adaptation of Bhatt's 1989 film Daddy, will debut as a filmmaker with the untitled film which will star Imran Zahid.

‘The issue of Tibetan people, who have found home here in India is not known to many, especially the youth so it is important for us to bring the people of India closer to the journey of Tibetans who are now a part of our life through a simple, moving and interesting love story ‘ Bhatt said.

The film will be made through crowd-funding. ‘There is so much happening wherever these people live, but we have turned a blind eye. We want to highlight youth's ignorance towards this issue with a love story at the centre,’ Iqbal said. The lead actress is not decided yet and they are open to casting a Tibetan artist for the role.
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