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Magic and madness

Magic and madness
Story of one man, one throne, one crown and one hilariously tragic experience will be staged in the Capital in a play titled The Tragedy Of Madbeth. The story unfolds amidst thunder and lightening when three witches meet Beth and Banquo, from there on Beth tries his best to live up to all the prophesies with his imaginary friend Banquo together they narrate this murderous tale sincerely. 

The Tragedy of Madbeth is an interactive physical comedy inspired by Shakespeare's classic. A profound allegory that dissolves the space between observer and performer. The performance is a combination of slapstick, acrobatics, mime, songs and improvisations. The play has been played for a wide range of audience in Europe, Israel, West Bank and India. The play was invited by UNESCO Centre for Peace to tour in USA (2012).

Following the same lines of physical comedy another play titled Anonymous will be staged.  
In today's world, we are constantly filming or being filmed. We continuously film events in our life instead of experiencing them. Somewhere on the way, have we lost our choice to be anonymous? 
Anonymous is an interesting story of Popo who after loosing his home has decided to be anonymous. Will he ever succeed? Will he ever find a new home? Both plays assure experimental, interactive, physical comedy for the viewers. 
Actor, director Rupesh Tillu will be performing The Tragedy of Madbeth and Anonymous. He produces works of theatre that deals with international issues and have a universal appeal. He believes in experimentation and innovation that can challenge the creator as well as theatre as an art form itself. 

Theatre that is provocative and can stimulate the imagination and raise questions for its audiences. So get ready for some fun, interactive, physical comedy and a rib tickling experience. 

Where: Alliance Francis 
When: 4-5 January, 2014, 3 pm onwards
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