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Mads Mikkelsen wants 'Hannibal' back as TV series

Mads Mikkelsen wants Hannibal back as TV series
The 50-year-old Danish actor thinks that a film will not be satisfying for him or fans of the movie, reported Digital Spy.

"I won't say no to anything but I think the TV medium for the story of Hannibal works so well. It's not a film thing - it's not something you can do in an hour-and-a-half.

"Because of the time we had, we could go slowly, reveal our ghosts in the closets later on... and I prefer that, I thinks that's very interesting and dramatic to watch," Mikkelsen said.

The actor, who played psychotic Hannibal Lecter said he would "do everything in (his) power" to be part of any revival.

"This is a show we cannot do without (showrunner) Bryan Fuller he's the mastermind behind the whole thing, he's a genius.

"If he one day says, 'Hey guys, I've found a TV channel that wants to pick it up and I'm ready to go', I'm sure that we would do everything in our power to be part of the show as well, we all enjoyed it tremendously. We'll see," he said.


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