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Madhavan going crazy over facial hair

 IANS |  2013-06-07 20:47:54.0  |  Chennai

Madhavan going crazy over facial hair

Southern actor R Madhavan, who is having a tough time with his newly-grown moustache, beard and long hair, lauds those guys who succeed in managing their facial hair.

It’s not known why Madhavan is growing his facial hair, but he is certainly finding it a tedious job.

‘Oh man, how do people manage facial hair? I am going crazy here,’ posted Madhavan on his Twitter page. ‘I went around the whole day wondering why the whole house smelt of mangoes, only to realise my son had applied some mango pulp on my moustache. Plus now, along with my long hair, I have to groom and trim the face too,’ he wrote

‘(I'm) totally not used to this. Hats off to all the bearded dudes, man,’ he further posted.



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