Maati Baani creates music without borders

Maati Baani creates music without borders
Maati baani, a music band has launched ‘The Music Yantra’- a newly launched, global music collaboration series, where the band has combined elements of Hindustani Classical with various styles of Folk music and New-Age sounds.

‘The Music Yantra’ a one-of-its-kind, global music collaboration series is created online and the music album is a culmination of 50 Indian and International artists from 20 countries across the world.

The idea of ‘The Music Yantra’ arose from Maati Baani’s strong belief that music has the power to transcend differences, be it cultures, languages, or geographies. Through their journey, they have discovered, appreciated and celebrated the sounds of little-known but exquisite musicians from different corners of the globe. They took it upon themselves to introduce these fresh, nomadic instruments and voices to the wider audience. Thus, the ‘The Music Yantra’ was born. ‘Yantra’ is the term for a mystical diagram in Indian religion that is believed to have magical powers. Drawing from that metaphor, the name refers to the magic of unheard sounds, rare instruments and raw talent from across cultures coming together to create spellbinding sounds and rhythms.

Hence, as ‘Yantra’ is also the Sanskrit word for “instrument or tool”, the name also alludes to using these modern-day tools of technology to create music that can be described in three, simple words: borders no bar. 

Now, ‘The Music Yantra’ is all set to take the global music scene by storm with its eclectic melodies. The series will produce six songs, which are a potpourri of musical genres like Func, Jazz, Electro, Rock, Blues and R&B, with Indian classical and folk music remaining the protagonist. Each song is completely unique in its theme, sounds and visuals, promising to take viewers on a scintillating musical journey around the world. 

Their song titled Lagan Laagi, a disco funk number that features for the first time ever seven of the best subway performers of New York, including the famous Natalia Paruz. Combining folk vocals from Kutchh, it’s a foot tapping, dance number about finding yourself and colouring the world with love. 
Jao Piya will present seventeen diverse musicians playing a unifying melody to live audiences in key landmark locations across seven countries. It is a peppy love song, which celebrates the diversities of cultures of the world. 

Heal the World will be performed for the first time ever by twelve popular child prodigies ranging from the ages of five to ten, as an ode to innocence with them dreaming about a world of love and peace. Moko Kahaan is a power packed, rock number by six powerful, accomplished female musicians from six different countries. The sixth song will be released soon.

Viewers can also enjoy the creative journey of each of the six songs, as the series will capture everything right from how Maati Baani tracked down the artists, how the idea of the songs were born, and the personal stories and funny anecdotes of the musicians. 


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