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Lynch shocked by Embry’s spousal support demand

Los Angeles: Actress Jane Lynch is shocked ever since Lara Embry, a doctor, has demanded a whopping $93,000 a month in spousal support. The two ended their three-year gay marriage early this year.

They married in 2010 in Maine, where gay marriage is legal. Later, they peti­tioned the courts to have their partnership recog­nised in their home state of California. ‘At the time, Jane’s friends and family suggested she get Lara to sign a pre-nuptial agreement, but Jane didn’t feel she need­ed one,’ quoted a source as saying.

‘Although she was making a lot of dough on (TV show) Glee, she felt that because Lara was a successful clini­cal psychologist, money wouldn’t be an issue. But when the two separated in February, Lara went for the jugu­lar. Jane is just plain shocked,’ added the source.

Embry may get half the value of Lynch’s $5 million home. The actress already owned it when they wed, and she shelled out $3 million to make it more comfortable for Embry and her now-11-year-old daughter Haden.
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