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Low registration of cyber cases show public trust in police fading out

Low registration of cyber cases show public trust in police fading out
The Delhi Police’s cyber cell has received 31 complaints regarding posting of objectionable content on social networking site, facebook, and on adult websites till October 15 this year, while only four were registered in the same period last year. The figures indicate the lack of trust among people on the police’s capability to solve such cases.

Pawan Duggal, an IT expert said: “The conviction rate in such cases is less. Registering a few cases pertaining to the posting of objectionable content on social media is due to the fact that people do not trust that the police can solve those. Most people believe that instead of solving these cases, the police drag them by asking irrelevant questions. In the past 20 years, only 8-9 cases have been registered, which reflect the mindset of the people.”

Dr Navin Kumar, associate professor of psychology in Delhi University, said: “The tendency to discuss matters through the virtual world gives a person a certain freedom that they do not have in the real world. The reason why people do not get such cases registered is because there is trust deficit between the law enforcement agencies and the public. People tend to think that they will be further embarrassed if questioned are posed on their personal lives.”

A senior police official, on the condition of anonymity, said once the police receive a complaint, the department gets in touch with the authorities of the website concerned, which removes the objectionable message from the complainant’s profile. The probe begins by tracking the IP (Internet Protocol) address of the computer through which the message was posted on the website. 

According to the official, a team of officials is assigned to work on a particular case and it does not take long to solve it.

However, the trend of low registration of cases suggest that people are reluctant only due to the ill-handling of cases by the police.
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