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Love Woes

Love Woes
We had eloped to get married. I feel guilty and depressed as I miss my parents who live in Bihar. What to do?
A Jha, New Delhi

As a child, we can always seek forgiveness and keep seeking till we are forgiven. You can go and meet them to express yourself. Alternatively, you can write a long letter/ mail to let go of the bottled up emotions too. Parents get older and I request you to take this plunge soon. Nothing will get worse. I’m sure everything will be peaceful and happy in the near future.

I have fallen in love with my maths tutor who visits our home. I’m in 12th standard. He is a bachelor and I feel he likes me too. Should I express?
Name unknown

As your exams are pretty near, just hold your emotions till it is completed successfully. Once it is over, choose a place to meet him and broach the subject. There is only one life to live. Express and let go. Don’t worry too much now as this would affect your mind in a negative way. Good luck.

My office boss is extremely partial. He would be extra nice and generous with female colleagues. How to handle the situation?
T Basu, Kolkata

In your case, you can always choose to ignore such things and continue to be brilliant at your job. If you outshine others with your performance, there is little your partial boss can do. There is also an old saying - if you can’t change the boss, change the job. Weigh your options and figure what is better for your career. Don’t take your personal feelings into the professional zone. Some situations are best handled when avoided carefully.

I have fallen in love with my sister’s friend who visits our home. My parents are looking for a bride for me. What can I do now?
Tushaar Singh, Noida

I don’t see any reason why you can’t go ahead and try to win her. You can also choose to tell your sister or your parents who can speak to her or her family. Don’t worry much. If she is destined to be your partner, everything will fall into place. Just let go of your fear and do what is best for you. Holding back is never a solution. Face and conquer. Best wishes.

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