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Love will happen at the right time

Love will happen at the right time
The girl I loved got married to someone else. I was out of country for my Masters course and now that I’m back I have found out the reason for her to suddenly stop communication. What should I do?, I love her too much.
Vicky, Haryana

Let’s not dig into the past. Let’s not try to see who was at fault and who was probably not. I request you to understand one rule that I follow – God never says ‘No’. He says ‘later or something better’. This wound will take time to heal. The pain will affect your mind but be honest and ask yourself just one thing – If the love from her side was true, would she do what she did? If she could move on and marry someone else by keeping you in dark, she definitely doesn’t deserve her space in your life anymore! Love will happen at the right time with the right one, just have faith.

I’m truly in love, I have been with my boyfriend for only three months now. He had a relationship and now she is back!  I’ve seen her for the first time a couple of days ago, when she went to college to look for him. How can I ensure that he’s with me?
Pooja, New Delhi

You have to focus and be realistic. Real love expresses itself with commitment and dedication. If you tell him that he is the love of your life and he answers the same. So the only way to know if he is really yours is act maturely. If he feels something for you, the ‘ex’ would not affect your relationship. It will make your bond stronger. And if he leaves you, then my dear he was just meant to leave. You will be better without him. 

Even though we’re dating, I’m not sure. We have been seeing each other for three years and our parents feel that we are a good match. How do I know whether the relationship is like the one to stay?
Pratap, Bihar

What’s like the ‘one to stay’? Nobody commits in a relationship if one has plans to leave! If you feel you want to be in the relationship because you love, understand and respect then you should be in it. Parents or any other external pressure should never be the reason to decide. Take some more time, be with each other and try to understand how life would be without each other. If the thought of absence makes you numb, just hold each other’s hand.  Good luck!

I am 42 and we are married for 16 years. My husband is going through a financial crunch and I’m a homemaker. Our relationship is in shambles. Please guide how to save it.
Name withheld, New Delhi 

Stress and fighting over money constitute one of the most oft-cited marriage problems that couples face. Generally speaking, when couples fight about money, their dispute is really symbolic of something different—power struggles, different values, or other issues that surround money. In tough economic times, financial stress can actually cause more general stress, and more conflict over things unrelated to money, as well as money-centered arguments. For example, when one partner is extremely stressed about money, they may be less patient and more stressed in general; they may then pick fights with the other partner about unrelated things without even realising it! Hold onto your partner and be extra nice to him. He probably needs a friend more than a wife. 

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