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Love story of colours

Mulk Raj Anand Center, in the Capital’s Hauz Khas Village is presenting a solo exhibition Conversation by Nityam Singha Roy . The show will go on  from January 1 to 8 at the Lokayata.

Nityam Singha Roy, was born in Balurghat, Dakshin Dinajpur, West Bengal  which forms the beautiful - the lasya and the tandava or the yin and yang from the core of  Nityam’s present series. The mood is that of Shringar rasa of love. His figures are lyrical in colours that are rooted in the soil but almost ethereal in their essential mood. Entrenched in the myths and folklore of Indian mythology that he imbibed through the stories recounted by his mother in childhood, led him to create his own fantasy world. He saw himself as the hero and visualized the stories that find place on his canvases till today. Frequently the human forms in is paintings are Radha, Krishna and Meera, often together in shringar rasa or love as the primary mood and timeless in appeal.

“The most interesting part of human figure is the face where I find I can show every sentiment of love and joy. I gradually develop my temperament to reflect the rasa of their leela to create more powerful and positive imagery,” says Nityam. “The struggle of my early life taught me to enjoy the pain of separation. This pain has created me a new as a painter and painting is my satisfaction. My painting reflects the love which I always searched for. My canvas becomes my language while I paint my story. I have spent a large amount of time perfecting my painting since the subjects with all the forms are always present in my dreams,” says Nityam.

His usage of the colour red often in the form of a dot on the canvas is a veritable symbol of passion to heighten the impact of the love mood to balance the energy forces of the converging forms. Such upbringing gives meaning to the painter’s genre. As an artist he observes and paints the subtle, if ephemeral, beauty of the human form, and as such the light of a sacramental vision seeps in his work in celebration and praise. This work is not designed to arouse the horrors of life but to see the beauty in human bonding.

When : January 1-8
Where: Lokayata, Mulk Raj Anand Center, Hauz Khas Village
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