Love on 3 wheels: A new treat for book lovers

Love on 3 wheels: A new treat for book lovers
Author Anurag Anand’s latest offering, Love on 3 Wheels, was released on Tuesday at the Jain Book Depot in the national Capital. Love on 3 Wheels is a story that plays out on the streets of Delhi over a span of three days.

The mysterious disappearance of a bundle of cash sets off a chain of events that take all in their midst for a dizzy spin. A plethora of exciting characters – a doctor with more skeletons in his cupboard than an average biology lab, a thug whose heart is set in the right place and a village belle whose pursuit of love brings her to the big city – lend the story vibrantly kaleidoscopic hues. 

At the centre of all this is an auto rickshaw driver who has committed the crime of falling in love with one of his regular passengers – a crime that he has to pay for. 

Joining Anand to launch his book was television actor Simple Kaul. A Delhi girl herself, Simple said that the story of Love on 3 Wheels touched her at more levels than one. 

“I started the book at night and couldn’t just let go till I had finished it… There were several instances where it left me teary eyed. And later, when I went to bed, I couldn’t help picturing the characters I had just read about. This, to me, is a hallmark of a good book.”

Explaining the significance of the number three in the title of the book, Anurag said that the thread connecting the story is the romantic aspirations of an auto rickshaw driver.Manav Jain from Jain Book Depot expressed delight at being associated with the author’s latest offering. 

“In times when most customers are shifting to the online space, it is events such as these that allows us brick-and-mortar players to differentiate ourselves. We are committed to such events where our regular customers get opportunities to interact with popular authors in person,” he said. 


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