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Love has no religion

Love has no religion
I love a woman of a different religion. We are Brahmins and my parents will not agree! How to convince?
Name unknown
If love is true, nothing should be a problem. But, you should spend time understanding and exploiting the consequences. People from different backgrounds exhibit <g data-gr-id="116">various</g> behavioural pattern. Love is a great feeling but after marriage, the colour fades and reality bites in.

Spend time understanding each other and once you decide to settle down, have an open 
conversation with your family. 

Convincing them will only happen if you both are sure about your future.

Good luck!

My wife earns more than me and she acts bossy and rude with the family. What can be done?
M. Raja, New Delhi
Try and earn more, if possible. If you are sure that her financial strength is the reason for your unhappiness, please try and work some better arrangements for yourself. I do not know your profession but in today’s time, multiple sources of <g data-gr-id="129">earning</g> <g data-gr-id="113">is</g> becoming vital for survival.

In the mean time, try and express your heart to her. If she loves you, she might change her behaviour. 

Don’t try your hands at something beyond you.Try your best to manage the relationship and hope she will change someday. Don’t lose heart and be brave enough to be happy at whatever cost.

My girlfriend’s sister has proposed me! She is threatening to commit suicide if I don’t accept her! Please help…
Name unknown..
Do not waste any time and immediately inform your girlfriend about it. Do not hide anything from her. The sister in love will surely measure her ways and rectify her moves.

Your silence will only add fuel to the fire. If you are sure that you have nothing to do with both or the sister, please sort this chaos now!

I do not approve the man my mother is going around with. I lost my dad 5 years back and I’m a college student. How do I stop this? Please help.
<g data-gr-id="91">Janavi</g>, Agra
 This disapproval could also be out of sheer possessiveness! Or, you might have reasons good enough to dislike the man in your mother’s life. I strongly recommend that you have a very open conversation with your mother. Express everything you feel with reasons.

In a situation where talk is difficult, you can write to her too. She must be completely aware of your feelings. If there is nothing you can do to stop, just let it be. Enjoy college life, change city when you can and have a happy life. Sometimes we do not understand the story of others.
Let us focus to make <g data-gr-id="107">ours</g> better each day. Cheer up, good luck!

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