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Love and its edges

Love and its edges
A play depicting an unconventional love triangle, called Cock, is going to be staged in the Capital at Alliance Francaise. Based on Mike Barlett’s Cock, this piece of work is a sharp, witty study of a man helplessly torn between his longtime male partner and a loving woman. Barlett’s theme, in fact, is less tortured bisexuality than the paralysing indecision that stems from not knowing who one really is.

John, the protagonist, is the only character to be given a name. But it is his lack of any definite identity that throws everyone into a spin. To his stockbroker partner, he is a slightly irritating but lovable household fixture. To the divorced classroom assistant, whom he quixotically goes to bed with, he becomes a shield against solitude. Matters come nicely to the boil in a dinner party where John, simultaneously pledged to both parties, is finally forced to make a choice.

While the audience must exercise its collective imagination to visualise what’s happening in the intimate scenes, Bartlett’s sharp images and cutting lines of dialogue are helpful clues.

13 and 14 September Where: Alliance Francaise Timing: 6pm and 7:45 pm
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