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Lost art of Vilasini Natyam found on Capital stage

Lost art of Vilasini Natyam found on Capital stage

Those who know dance, might not know about Vilasini Natyam. Reason? Its a classical dance form lost from the cultural scene from many years. The danceform has once again revived and returned to the capital stage by Dimple Kaur who wants to take this dance form across the world through her  persistent efforts.
A trained dancer for 20 years, Dimple will perform Tholiviniki which will begin with  Alaaya Sampradaayam which includes  Ganesh Vandana and  Salaam Daravu. It will be followed by  Kutcheri Atta Varnam and  Javali. The  performance will end with Bhagvataham, an extract from Parijatam.
Vilasini Natyam is a classical Indian Dance form which originated in Andhra Pradesh. It is an independent dance form related mainly to the devdasi tradition. The devdasis used to perform Vilasini Natyam in the magnificent temples,' explained Dimple.
'It was part of the rich culture of India for many centuries until Britishers banned the dance from temples in India. This dance form was later revived by Padma Bhushan Guru Swapnasundari, under whom I have learned and honed it,' she added.
'The dance from highlights the feminine aspects which includes the hundred odd Adavus (dance-units) like the Tandava (vigorous) and Lasya (soft) aspects. Vilasini Natyam's complex Abhinaya is widely admired,' Dimple said.
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