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Lost 25% of his skull, got $58 million instead

An undocumented migrant who suffered horrific injuries in a savage beating by a bouncer has been awarded $58 million, one of the largest ever payouts by a California court, his lawyer said Wednesday.
Antonio Lopez Chaj, 43, was left severely brain damaged and lost roughly 25 percent of his skull after having his head crushed by a bouncer at a Los Angeles-area bar in April 2010.

Federico Sayre, a lawyer for Chaj, said his client had been struck on the head with a baton before having his skull repeatedly smashed into the ground.

‘The incident left Mr Chaj suffering permanent and profound neurological injuries that will require life-long care and reconstructive surgery of his skull,’ Sayre said in a statement.

Chaj has lost his ability to speak and requires 24-hour medical care as a result of the attack. A Los Angeles Superior Court jury in Torrance awarded Chaj $11.5 million to pay for future medical costs, $35 million for pain and suffering already endured and $11 million for future pain and 
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