Losing their religion on stage

Losing their religion on stage
If it’s religious, it’s sensitive - that is the general perception of people around. But here are these four funny men who take up the challenge to break rules, question conventions and take you on a laugh riot of 90 minutes in both Hindi and English.

Titled, Comedy in Diversity and produced by Joke, Joker, Jokest, is a show which knows no religion. The four stand up comedians- Nishant Tanwar, Zakir Khan, Maheep Singh and Abish Mathews, each from a different religion will tickle the funny bone.

‘The idea is to bring performers from every religion together on one stage and spread the age old message of unity in diversity. As the title suggests Comedy in Diversity, it is going to run on the theme - Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai...Sab ne mil kar hansi udaai,’ says Nishat.

‘We all have some apsect of our religion which is irritating. For eg- what is the logic of not eating non-veg on tuesdays as if God up there is keeping a watch. Similarly, the river Ganga should be ideally a replacement of the antiseptic Dettol. Do as many sins in your life, take a dip and you are back again to pure. Third, Hinduism is the only religion where we name our kids after Gods (Ram, Shiv, Laxmi, Krishna) which is a strange concept,’ added Nishat.

Zakir Khan on the other hand will explore the dilemma of being an Indian Muslim. He will be deliberating over perceptions of being a Muslim and break all the conventions on a lighter note, a risk which involves on how to say anything and still get away with it.

‘There are obviouly doubts in my head as to how will the audience react to my set. Though I am sure my Islamic performance is already approved by all the maulanas around town. At first I wrote intelligent jokes and then wrote jokes. Its the second which am going to use,’ he joked.

Maheep Singh, will put up spoofs on
and raise plights of their life. ‘It’s not really easy to lead a sardar life with traditions like can not shave body hair, how to eat a pizza without messing and a compulsory underwear,’ Maheep quipped.

The last of the lot, Abish Mathews is going to narrate his own life events and anecdotes surrounding his Malayali Catholic culture and how he has been a victim of idiosyncracies.

‘My set is not a mockery of any religion. It just raises the crucial question of humanity vs religion. Our comedy will certainly not rub the audience in a wrong manner. Its not anti religious rather a break down of mental blocks around it,’ he explained.

Come over and have a good laugh at the cost of angering some gods!


On: Sunday 18 March
Time: 7.30 pm
Venue: Epicentre, Gurgaon
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