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Looting forces coal mine on brink of closure

Looting forces coal mine on brink of closure
The transportation, started on 2 February 2006, is being done by using dumpers from the mine to the railway siding at Pakur.

The dumpers carry the coal for a distance of 53 km.  But coal from these dumpers has been systematically unloaded by the local miscreants, comprising men, women and children, by blocking the road.

Initially, the magnitude of pilferage was nominal and was kept under control by project authorities with the help of their own security system and police protection provided from time to time by the local administration.  But of late, the scenario has totally changed and the said pilferage has now turned into looting and as per an eye-witness account, the magnitude of the loot has gone up to an unbelievable 3000 to 4000 tonne everyday. It is gathered from project authorities, PANEM, a joint venture company of PSPCL, their strengthening of security arrangement to stop the loot has been totally neutralised and police protection made available by district authorities remains a mere spectator.

It is further gathered that to overcome the problem, dumpers are dispatched from the mine to the siding in batches twice daily.  But it has been seen that miscreants stop the movement of the first loaded dumper by putting bamboo or nails on the road and stop the movement of all the loaded trucks behind in the convoy.  100’s of miscreants then get on the dumpers and unload coal as much as they can and this continues throughout the day and night when the coal is transported.
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