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Looking for counter attack

The war against terror has witnessed an inordinate number of deaths. Syria is still at war, leading to the loss of thousands of lives on a day to day basis. The Islamic State, meanwhile, has been responsible for three major attacks between October and November this year, all within a span of two weeks. The first was that of the Russian Jet heading towards St. Petersburg, which was bombed over the Sinai region on October 31. This attack witnessed the loss of 224 lives. The second was on November 12 in Beirut, where 42 people, mostly Shia Muslims, were killed on account of twin suicide bombings on the same day. The third incident was on November 13 in Paris, where 130 innocent people were killed. The attack in Paris, however, was what woke the world up to the looming threat from IS. 

Though these horrific attacks have taken the world by surprise, it is something authorities should have been prepared for even before they happened. The real surprise though is the delay in such a planned attack. French authorities were prompt in rounding up terrorists through their investigation soon after the attacks. Such a scenario automatically suggests that the French authorities were either tipped off or prepared regarding a similar incident, which they had failed to thwart. Rumours regarding the same have floated around where neighbouring countries had warned France of the possibility of an attack and hence, prevention was the due call which the French authorities failed to execute.

The world has already entered a dark phase as far as terrorist attacks are concerned. At one point, individuals looking to create an impression of jihad would struggle on their own with the help of the internet to figure out their tactics. ISIS has created a brand for itself within the Islamic extremist network and each attack today comes as an attack from them or one of their franchisees. The recruits for Daesh itself have been increasing, as many return from Syria and Iraq with motives of Jihad. The attacks in Paris have been the cause of much terror, more than the beheading videos which the ISIS proudly circulated over the internet earlier this year. 

The terrorist networks today have joined hands. The syndicate is now one where each terrorist organisation backs up the other and helping each one execute crucially well planned attacks. The security forces of the world though stand divided. This probably is the biggest advantage to the terrorist networks today. The coming months would be extremely crucial as world intelligence agencies should definitely look to join hands to face the threat the world poses, together.
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