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Long traffic tailbacks render city commuters hapless

Heavy traffic was reported from various areas of New Delhi like Cannaught Place, Tilak Marg, Barakhambha Road, Parliament Street and areas around India gate on Wednesday evening.

Many vehicles were seen stuck in the traffic jam and movement became tough while commuters faced difficulty to make headway. The buses and the cars were seen moving at a snail’s pace at around 7 pm in the evening. Though no obvious reason was seen for the jam, motorists faced extreme difficulty in going to their destinations as roads remained clogged.

Stuck in heavy traffic, some people were seen contacting their people to know the exact cause of the jam and some commuters took to Twitter to complain about the mess they were in to the traffic police.

A commuter Vibhav tweeted: “Roundabout of Shangri-La hotelar Ashoka, Janpath, Ferozshah road are totally jammed”.

The traffic police replied: “Traffic is heavy due to peak hours and heavy volume of traffic, traffic staff is present and regulating the traffic”.

People in DTC buses had the worst nightmare when they found themselves stuck in the traffic. Some even mocked the traffic and tweeted: “Been sleeping for 30 minutes on a bus.Yet to reach CP from KG Marg. Avpoid (Avoid) the stretch”, tweeted Saurabh Singh at around 7 pm.

“Yes, there is heavy traffic around Press Club, Shastri bhavan, Gol Daak Khana and CP. It is all clogged but there no VIP movement. It is choked due to the peak hour,” said a senior police officer.

Even at Defence Colony some commuters faced problems being stuck in the jam.

“I am stuck in defence colony flyover and there is no movement for 30 minutes,” said a commuter Sharad Maheshwari.

Varun Agrawal got struck in Janakpuri traffic in the peak hours and said: “It’s a complete chock-a-block situation at Janakpuri district centre on B Block road.”

It took around 2 hours for the traffic to become normal.
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