London to host beauty contest to popularise Baluchari

A beauty contest captioned ‘Baluchari Sundari’ will be held in London during the Puja to popularise Baluchari sarees. The decision was taken after an overwhelming response at a show on Baluchari which was organised at Harrow off London recently. The show was organised by balucharisaree.in.
The West Bengal handicrafts Development Corporation opened the country’s first generic specific online store balucharisaree.in on June 14.

Thirty women from UK who had purchased baluchari sarees were present in the show at Harrow. Besides, baluchari sarees, shirts, kurtas, tie and jacket have earned overwhelming response, said Kaushik Maulik.

There will be Mr and Mrs Baluchari contest in the social clubs in the city to popularise the products from August. Maulik said the borders of dhoti with baluchari design are available and is gaining popularity.

“We have been successful in demolishing the idea that baluchari designs could be used only in sarees. The shirts, ties and punjabis for male have attracted attention,” he said. It may be recalled that after coming to power in 2011, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had given emphasis on the revival of West Bengal’s tradition and culture. Along with baluchari, Muslin has also been revived and muslin sarees, punjabis, kurtas are available in the stores of Manjusha.

The West Bengal Handloom Development Corporation was set up in 1978. For the first time since its inception, Manjusha has made a profit of Rs 3.87 crore in 2015-16 with an annual turnover of Rs 46.75 crore. Tantuja’s annual turnover during the period was Rs 123 crore. A huge Biswa Bangla convention centre is coming up at New Town where various products like Baluchari and Muslin, masks, ornaments made of dokra will be showcased. The state government has already opened Biswa Bangla stalls to showcase its products.

The baluchari sari which was first made by the weavers from Baluchar village in Murshidabad had received patronage from Nawab Alivardi Khan around 300 years ago. The village was badly hit by flood and the weavers moved to Bishnupur in Bankura district.  The sari combines Mughal art with Hindu mythology.

Those interested can book the sarees online and make the necessary payment. The products will be delivered to them by courier. The buyers can get in touch with the weavers and give their design to get custom made Baluchari sarees.

Tarun Goswami

Tarun Goswami

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